Lauren Ashley Studio


Graduation Celebration


It’s that time of year again - graduation! High school students are getting ready to head off to college and college students are preparing to embark on a journal known as "the real world”. Between friends, family, neighbors, and/or coworkers, chances are you know someone who is completing their education this spring. Whether you’re throwing the party or just attending, here are some fun ways to celebrate the grad!

1. Graduation marks the beginning of adulthood for most, and this gorgeous black, white, and gold theme is the perfect fit for this new phase. Swapping out the bright primary colors for a more neutral palette adds a little sophistication to the typical grad party. But that doesn’t mean it has to be boring! Using gold and glitter accents add fun to the simple color palette.


2. We’re loving the idea of giving artwork as a gift for the new graduate. Plus, it can double as party decor! Start off their art collection with a piece of art with an inspiring quote like this. It will encourage them through late night study sessions or long work days and travel with them through all their future adventures.


3. Every young adult needs a set of good, stylish luggage - especially for those graduates who are going to school out of state or just took a job across the country. Light and convenient luggage that actually looks pretty will make them feel confident strolling through the airport and ready to conquer their next adventure.


4. Help the grad remember their time in school with printed instagram photos to decorate their new place. This is a fun way to help the memories and cute pictures live on after they’ve been posted to the gram. Graduation typically means moving to a new place and starting fresh on a budget, which makes this a great gift they typically wouldn’t buy themselves. 

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5. If you’re like the rest of us, you probably have more than one graduate to celebrate this spring. It takes a lot of energy to find and buy the perfect gift for each one of them. Make yourself look like an expert gift-giver with a whole box of curated gifts chosen specifically for graduates. Our Graduate Gift Box is filled with sophisticated items to decorate their new home and beautiful yet functional tools for working/studying. If you’re on a budget yourself, our Graduate Mini gift box maintains the wow factor with luxurious products for the grad to pamper themselves as well as supplies to conquer their next step in style.