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The Grateful Dinner Guest Guide


The holidays come with a calendar filled with festivitie dinner parties – gathering loved ones together to enjoy each other’s company, a delicious meal, and a cozy home is what the season is all about! Although it’s easy to get swept up in the flurry of activities, we shouldn’t forget to properly show our gratitude to the kind hosts and hostesses who welcome us into their homes. In the spirit of thanksgiving, we’ve compiled our simple guide to being a grateful guest.


Source: Megan Welker for The Little Market

Never Arrive Early

If the invitation states dinner begins at 7:00pm, knock on the door at 7:00pm. Your hostess selected that start time knowing how long it will take to get ready for the evening. If you’re running early, stop to pick up a bottle of champagne or call from the car to catch up with a family member. Five minutes can make all the difference in dinner party preparation.


Source: Lauren Ashley Studio

Bring a Gift

Your hostess has invested a great deal of time and money in planning, cooking or catering, and decorating for this evening. Show your gratitude with a thoughtful gift beyond the typical bouquet or bottle of wine. Our carefully curated The Hostess Box is packed with little luxuries like a gorgeous porcelain spice grinder, decadent cinnamon sticks, and a chic combination wine key and bottle opener for a gift guaranteed to delight the senses of any hostess.


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Be Attentive

The best guest pays attention to the hostess – who will be so caught up in making the evening perfect for all in attendance, she will neglect her own needs. Begin the evening with a toast in her honor, and help keep her glass filled throughout the evening. Let your hostess be the first to start eating, and be mindful of portions allowing everyone – including your hostess – to be served once before indulging in seconds. Keep your phone away from the table, and be fully engaged in the evening’s conversation.


Source: Erin McGinn for Style Me Pretty Living

Offer to Help

At the end of the evening, remember that the night isn’t over for your hostess. Offer to help clear the table, wash the dishes, or tidy up before you head home. However, if your hostess politely declines, accept her response graciously and do not insist. It truly is the thought that counts, and she will appreciate your offer.


Source: Jenni Kayne

Send a Thank You Note

We’re fans of sending a traditional thank you card, but a warm email or text of appreciation the following day will also work! Include a heartfelt compliment on your favorite dish and give thanks for the warm hospitality.