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Behind The Design: Our Holiday Offerings

At Lauren Ashley Studio, it’s no secret that our love language is gift giving. Our mission is to curate boxes that are both high quality and useful, and although we’ve done the sourcing and packaging for you, there’s still an important part for you to play – selecting the perfect box for your loved one. 

When choosing a gift box, there are two things to keep in mind: the occasion and the recipient. The first is fairly simple – a birthday, a holiday, a thank you gift. The second requires some reflection – What does this person love? What experiences have you shared? What feelings should this gift evoke?

We always have a person or feeling in mind when curating our boxes, and we select the items that we know will inspire a certain mood. This holiday season is no exception. Take a peek behind our inspiration for our Holiday 2018 boxes:

The Tasteful Connoisseur


 [Most Wonderful Time| Source: Lauren Ashley Studio]

This person adds the spice to life! Whether for a culinary connoisseur or a constant innovator we’ve created the perfect box. The warm, wintery taste of the Saint Nicholas Cookies, the exotic notes of the Dominican Spiced Hot Chocolate, and the earthy, comforting crunch of the Cinnamon Spice Peanuts all give an unexpected, gourmet touch to classic holiday flavors.  

The Superstar


[Celebrate| Source: Lauren Ashley Studio]

Do you know that person who seems to do it all? Maybe it’s your best friend who is a parent of four or your sibling who is the founder and CEO of a new business. Whomever comes to mind deserves a night of self-care and relaxation in celebration of their achievements. We imagine taking a luxurious bath sipping on oolong tea in the gold star mug followed by a body polish of a therapeutic blend of salts and pure essential oils to detoxify the skin and refresh the senses. Finish off the experience by applying a moisturizing lip balm, scented with soothing lavender. 

The Homebody


 [Home for the Holidays| Source: Lauren Ashley Studio]

“There’s no place like home,” is this person’s mantra. Whether she is the next Martha Stewart or someone who is away for the holidays, this loved one can imagine no greater gift than being surrounded by the comforts of home. With this in mind, we designed this box to evoke the warm, soothing feelings of waking up to the inviting aroma of Mom’s cooking. A buttermilk pancake mix and farmhouse style maple syrup are paired with delicate green tea and mint chocolate cookies to recreate the tastes of home.

Jill Ramirez